Study the Bible

Each Sunday, we have three readings, including one Gospel lesson. Pastor Lemmermann gives us great insight into these readings to prepare us for the coming week with his video chats on his Facebook page. Look for Scott Lemmerann and make friends. It's quite helpful!

We believe the Bible is God's Word for us, recorded centuries ago but just as relevant today. From Bible stories children learn every week in Sunday School to application of Biblical truths in classes for high school and adults, to hearing God's word in every church service, our spiritual life revolves around an active study of the Bible.

We have personal devotion booklets called "Portals of Prayer" available at our church to aid you in a daily devotion.

Lutheran Hour Ministries publishes a daily devotion to help you focus on what's important. Just click on the "Daily Devotion" link.

Study the Bible

The Bible Project

The Bible Project is a non-profit animation studio that produces short-form, fully animated videos to make the biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Study the Bible by book, theme, word, or series. Each topic is explained and summarized in everyday language with attention-getting illustrations to emphasize the main points.

Find The Bible Project at

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Hillsdale College’s popular online course, “The Genesis Story: Reading Biblical Narratives,” is still available online for free!

This course aims to deepen a student’s theological understanding of the Old Testament by revealing the literary beauty and complexity of the text. In this six-lecture course, you’ll explore some of the major themes of Genesis, including the complex relationship between God and man, and what it reveals about divine and human nature.

The course begins with a lecture and introduction by the President of Hillsdale College, Larry P. Arnn, in which he explains why we teach the Book of Genesis at Hillsdale College and why it’s important to both faith and higher education.

Then, Professor Jackson explains the four relationships that dominate the Book of Genesis: God and creation, God and man, man and man, and man and creation.

These relationships are explored in the narratives of Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, Abraham and Isaac, Jacob and Esau, and finally, Joseph.

This course is perfect for personal study, viewing with your family, or for use in small groups such as Bible studies and book clubs.