Ascension Lutheran Church

Mission and Vision

Our church's mission --

"We are called by God to come together,
to grow in the Word,
and to go and share Jesus Christ."

Because of what God has given us, we are blessed to share His love with those around us. We honor God in many ways. We...

  • ...worship together - with traditional, liturgical service that brings us to God's house to hear His Word, sing His praises and share his body and blood

  • ... learn together - with classes and Bible studies on Sunday and throughout the week to build our knowledge and strengthen our faith

  • ... pray for each other and for the world outside our doors - whether as a group in worship or individually with our own daily prayer time, our prayers are a central part of our lives as we come to God daily

  • ... share His love in the community - with our time, our talents and our treasures, we take what we've been given and use our resources to bring others to Christ.

Come join us!